Algal biomass is considered to be the most credible source to solve many of the renowned challenges such as malnutrition, carbon emissions and depletion of fossil fuel. It is emerging to be one of the most promising long term, sustainable sources of biomass and oil.

Seagrass Technologies Private Ltd, has identified the potential of establishing an industry that concentrates upon annihilating the barriers of access to nutrition within the country’s food supply and to create awareness of the humongous nutritional benefits of the product and significance of algal biomass venture market in India and abroad.

Since the availability of algal biomass is limited, the current product market values are extremely high. Our focus is to enhance the productivity and availability of the most essential algal biomass to overcome the malnutrition and to construct a feasible environment.

Seagrass has developed a patented technology to cultivate three major marine algae,especially Dunaliella salina (DS) micro-algae, a difficult marine species that uniquely delivers a high concentration of β-carotene for Antioxidant & nutritional food supplements.

Our core technology platform offers unique cultivation methods to increase yield capacity and at the same time reduce production cost.


  • Green house protection which maintains the quality of the product.
  • Automated harvesting technique for contaminant free Biomass.
  • Integrated solar Technology for energy Conservation.
  • Production of Marine Algae Biomass from certified, quality tested food grade pondliners.
  • Technology optimized to use non cultivatable land with effective usage of renewable agri/ algae culture in Tsunami affected land.
  • Platform optimized to grown three most value added Marine Micro Algae species using a proprietary cultivation methodology under outdoor conditions.
  • Currently, Our research is focusing on LED Stress Studies to improve the Product Yield and Quality.
  • The patented technology of Seagrass that increases yield and availability of algal biomass, simplify the harvesting process and thereby reduces cost.

 Why Marine Algae?

  • Better shelf life
  • Reduce production cost
  • Access to all required mineral and nutrient rich seawater. No inorganic nutrients will be added for the growth.
  • Green and Organic (free from chemicals)
  • Can grow in non-potable water such as seawater or waste water so sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Algae Products Differentiated by Process and Quality

  • 100% organic and vegetarian
  • Plant based nutrients used in cultivation
  • No animal inputs used in cultivation
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Gelatin-free
  • Non- Irradiation
  • Rich Nutrition Profile (Carotenoids , Beta-carotene, Phycocyanin, Chlorophyll, Xanthophylls)
  • Highly safe ( Low PAH, Low Heavy metals)
  • Safety grading (Pathogen Free, Toxins Free, Free from PAH, PCBS, and Dioxins, Non GMO, Irradiation and Allergen Free.

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