Company Overview

Seagrass Technologies Private Limited, a global venture startup in India, has developed a harvesting technology platform that uses non-potable water, such as seawater, and non-arable land to grow marine microalgae. Our Platform captures carbon dioxide in open raceway ponds, which provide us with renewable solutions that can improve people’s lives and make the planet more green and sustainable.

Seagrass team is committed to supporting and creating awareness on the benefits of algae to increase broader literacy for consumer acceptance and promote the “Green Planet Initiative” with sustainable practices and environmentally sound technologies.

Seagrass also provides hands-on training for the students, researchers, & academicians in a large scale production unit.

Our Vision

Develop technology to grow high value added algal “green” products that are sustainable, scalable and profitable globally

Why Seagrass Technologies?

  • First company to produce three most needed value added Marine Micro Algae, using sustainable practices and technologies that are environmentally sound.
  • Seagrass harvesting techniques will offer excellent nutrition content value and highest quality than any other brand in the market.
  • All our Algae Biomass products will be organic certified, quality tested and compliant with international safety standards.

Key Milestones:

Building India’s first production facility to harvest and cultivate Dunaliella salina (DS) micro-algae, a difficult marine species that uniquely delivers a high concentration of β-carotene for Antioxidant & nutritional food supplements.

Our Promise:

  • Delivering quality certified Algal Biomass with stringent quality control measures and process.
  •  Offer product grading & certification from industry leading test labs for safety and quality.
  •  Use of approved harvesting and cultivation methods recognized by international standards.
  • Create awareness on the benefits of Algae to increase broader literacy and promote consumer acceptance.
  • Promote “Green Planet Initiative” with sustainable practices and technologies that are environmentally sound.

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