Strategic Advisors

India based Strategic Advisors


Dr. R. Sivakumar, Ph.D.

Dr.Sivakumar has more than 20 years of experience  in algae industry and related technologies. He had worked with 2 major Indian Giants EID PARRY and DABUR Group and acquired vast exposure and also received Doctorate in Chemistry with the specialization in algae. He served as a consultant for several turnkey projects not only in India but also in Foreign Countries. He has proven management skills and in-depth knowledge in various bio products. He is a founder of DCS BioSolutions in the year 2019 with the ambition of bringing all services related to algae and herbal extractions under one roof. He is an all-time supporter for the growth of Seagrass Technologies.

Overseas based Strategic Advisors

Dr. Skye Thomas-Hall, Ph.D.

Dr. Skye is a team leader for the Algae Biotechnology Group and site manager for the Algae Energy Farm at the University of Queensland, Australia.

He manages the diverse algae research projects performed by Ph.D. and honors students working with Prof. Schenk Lab. His main interests center around the production and processing of microalgae for nutraceuticals such as omega 3 fatty acids, carotenoids and pigments.

He has extensive experience in large-scale low-cost algae cultivation, the main focus being production of biomass as a high protein feed supplement for livestock and aquaculture. The long-term vision for microalgae is the sustainable production of biofuels, this is what sparked his initial interest in microalgae. His support to Seagrass Technologies helps the company in planning and execution of new R&D research in micro algal arena.

Dr. Thava Palanisami, Ph.D.

Dr. Thava Palanisami is an expert on green remediation technologies for contaminated water and soil. He has more than 20 years of experience in developing, implementing various innovative remediation technologies in field.  Thava’s unique strength is exploiting the beneficial characters from the waste and generate value while treating the wastewater. 

Thava has also led the first ever field level implementation of a Risk-Based Land Management (RBLM) approach to managing contaminated sites in Australia. Thava is supporting Seagrass Technologies greatly in connecting with people around the globe who are interested in sustainable algal technologies for environmental benefits.

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