Seagrass operates in 100 acres production facility in Karaikal, a major port city of East Coast of India and a municipality district in the Union Territory of Puducherry, India. It offers ideal climate conditions for the types of micro-algae that the company wants to grow and cultivate.

Additionally, Seagrass is building India’s first production facility in non-arable land (with R&D center) to harvest and cultivate a difficult marine species such as Dunaliella salina (DS), Chlorella salina and Spirulina sub salsa that uniquely delivers a high concentration of β-carotene for Anti-oxidant & nutritional food supplements.

Seagrass will produce Micro-algae biomass targeting Anti-oxidant & nutritional food supplements, Pigments & oil for Nutraceuticals (Omega 3 EPA/DHA), cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal feeds, fertilizers, and bioplastics with an initial target of 1 metric ton monthly capacity which is quickly scalable to meet the growing demand.

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