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Given our expertise in different Algae research both in Fresh and Marine source, Seagrass technologies aspire to be a leading contract research companies supporting the synthetic biology industry.

Synthetic biology is a kind of mixture of biology, engineering, computing, and many other fields. It is a booming industry that’s taking on everything from a sustainable organic food source, bio-energy, or bio-designing cruelty-free cosmetic products to growing scratch-resistant cell phone screens to storing all the world’s data in a teaspoon of DNA.

Consulting Services:

  • Concept & Detailed algal cultivation, harvesting, value-added product extraction, and packaging process design and execution.
  • Technical assistance in scale-up and production, including the supply of relevant algal strains.
  • Site supervision starting from civil groundbreaking, including soil and water testing.
  • Advice on relevant Government Clearances and other relevant certifications about algae and algae related products.
  • Connecting with potential buyers worldwide for different types of algae and algae-based products.

Contract Research:

Proof of concept studies for the cultivation, harvesting of value-added algae, and extracting value-added components from different algae will be carried out at the pilot level in our facility at a nominal cost.

Academic Projects:

Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. Research projects about lab level and pilot level research projects on algae cultivation, harvesting, and extraction of value-added components from algae will be carried out in our facility at a nominal cost.

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