We provide a complete one-stop service, including supplying a wide range of equipment based on the microalgae type and species for cultivation, harvesting, drying, chilling, and packaging to create high value-added green “algal” products. 


Microalgae Cultivation Equipment’s

We offer different sizes of photobioreactors ranging from 25 L to 55000 L are available for the cultivation of various high-value microalgae along with relevant control and monitoring systems through our manufacturing partners..

Microalgae Harvesting Equipments

Based on the size and other characteristics of microalgal species, types of harvesting devices will also vary. Accordingly, different types of harvesting equipment are available for a range of microalgae.



Microalgae Paste Pasteurizing and Chilling Equipment’s

It is very essential to control the microbial count in the harvested microalgae. Hence pasteurization followed by chilling of the harvested microalgal paste is necessary before it is dried.

Flowthrough Pasteurizer cum Chiller Unit

Microalgae Drying Equipments

The selection of appropriate dryers for different microalgae is crucial because the heat-sensitive nature of different microalgae varies. Hence, we have a range of dryers for drying different microalgal pastes.

Dried Microalgae Powdering and Packaging Machineries

Following the microalgae drying, to adhere to the particle size norms, they need to be milled, blended (if needed), and finally packed in appropriate conditions (vacuum or nitrogen or normal). Hence based on the type of microalgae, different powdering and packaging machinery are available

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