About Us

About Us:

Algal biomass is considered to be the most credible source to solve many of the renowned challenges such as malnutrition, carbon emissions and depletion of fossil fuel. It is emerging to be one of the most promising long term, sustainable sources of biomass and oil.

Seagrass Technologies Private Ltd, has identified the potential of establishing an industry that concentrates upon annihilating the barriers of access to nutrition within the country’s food supply and to create awareness of the humongous nutritional benefits of the product and significance of algal biomass venture market in India and abroad.

Since the availability of algal biomass is limited, the current product market values are extremely high. Our focus is to enhance the productivity and availability of the most essential algal biomass to overcome the malnutrition and to construct a feasible environment.

Why Seagrass?

    • First company to produce three most needed value added Marine Micro Algae, using sustainable practices and technologies that are environmentally sound.
    • Seagrass harvesting techniques will offer excellent nutrition content value and highest quality than any other brand in the market.
    • All our Algae Biomass products will be organic certified, quality tested and compliant with international safety standards.

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