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Following consultancy activities are carried out at Seagrass Technologies:

a) Concept & Detailed algal cultivation, harvesting, value-added product extraction, and packaging process design and execution.
b) Technical assistance in scale-up and production, including the supply of relevant algal strains.
c) Site supervision starting from civil groundbreaking, including soil and water testing.
d) Advice on relevant Government Clearances and other relevant certifications about algae and algae related products.
e) Connecting with potential buyers worldwide for different types of algae and algae-based products.

Contract Research at Seagrass Technologies:

Proof of concept studies for the cultivation, harvesting of value-added algae, and extracting value-added components from different algae will be carried out at the pilot level in our facility at a nominal cost.

Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. Research Projects:

Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. Research projects about lab level and pilot level research projects on algae cultivation, harvesting, and extraction of value-added components from algae will be carried out in our facility at a nominal cost.

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